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About Varied / Hobbyist Samantha/Honey Hachi/ミツバチ19/Female/United States Groups :iconiji-universe: Iji-Universe
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:skull: Fandoms I'm into big right now :skull: Favorite character beside the name.

Halo ♥ Master Chief ♥
RED vs BLUE ♥ Felix ♥
Watch Dogs ♥ Aiden Pearce ♥
Sonic The Hedgehog ♥ Shadow ♥
Big Hero 6 ♥ Yokai ♥
Ava's Demon ♥ Odin ♥
Mystery Skulls "Ghost" ♥ Lewis ♥
WWE ♥ Randy Orton ♥
NXT ♥ Prince Devitt ♥
TNA ♥ Jeff Hardy ♥
Crystal Story ♥ Kaz ♥
BG Nation ♥ of course Bentley Gilbert ♥
Qwuedeviv ♥ Spork ♥
Shovel Knight ♥ Specter Knight ♥
Iji ♥ komato "Assassin" Asha ♥
Minecraft ♥ Herobrine ♥
Darksiders ♥ Death ♥

Heart-n-Ribbon Divider (Black-Purple) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

:skull: Other Fandoms I'm in :skull:

Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures ♥ Specter ♥
Cave Story ♥ king ♥
Transformers ♥ Bumblebee ♥
Oban Star-Racers ♥ Rick ♥
The White Chamber ♥ Arthur ♥
Oddworld ♥ Stranger ♥
Call of Duty ♥ Ghost ♥
Mia and Me ♥ polytheus ♥
A7X ♥ M. Shadows ♥
Bunny kill ♥ Smoke ♥
Kill La Kill ♥ Senketsu ♥
Ghost Recon ♥ 30k ♥
Resident Evil ♥ Hunk ♥
Left 4 Dead ♥ Hunter ♥
Silent Hill ♥ Pyramid Head ♥
Castlevania ♥ Hector ♥
Sift Heads ♥ Kiro ♥
Grand Theft Auto ♥ Tommy Vercetti ♥
Laura Croft ♥ James Rutland ♥
Dragon Ball ♥ Vegeta ♥

>>>>>More to come<<<<<
Heart Border [Black] by RevPixyHeart Border [Black] by RevPixy
A 19 year old girl with many fandoms, and proud to be in them all~ Honey Hachi
Heart Border [Black] by RevPixyHeart Border [Black] by RevPixy

Two Cuties Kaz and Yokai, Two Cuties (Pagedoll) by bumblebeegirl15

*In love with multiple fictional characters and I couldn't care less!*

Are destiny is determined by how we live are life, I choose to take the right path, how bout you? ~ Honey Hachi

Another of me is what there will never be - Jeff Hardy ♥ мy нєrσ



My favorites have well all my favorites things in them Lol If you look here you will know the things I like ^_^ :skull:

I love this song, so much!

Keep on rocking BG, your amazing at it :heart:

Eyeless Jack Journal Doll by EerieLilGhost


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I would like some points if you will be so kind and donate some to me please.

If you do thank you :D :iconilikeitplz:

Suenay Jinsei by bumblebeegirl15Rorek Shinwa by bumblebeegirl15Honey Hachi by bumblebeegirl15Amala Chikyu by bumblebeegirl15Elisa Icon (Commission) by bumblebeegirl15Ace Aisu by bumblebeegirl15Papuru Piku by bumblebeegirl15Dean Ambrose by bumblebeegirl15Brie Bella by bumblebeegirl15Seth Rollins by bumblebeegirl15Roman Reigns by bumblebeegirl15Sky the Dreadful Blinky Icon (Commission) by bumblebeegirl15Kesha Blinky Icon by bumblebeegirl15Aiden Pearce Blinky Icon by bumblebeegirl15

Honey Hachi by bumblebeegirl15 Rorek Shinwa (Human Form) by bumblebeegirl15 suenay Jinsei by bumblebeegirl15 Amala Chikyu (Human Form) by bumblebeegirl15

:blackrose:I love when people draw my characters stamp by Reiirin:blackrose:…

Mackinzi Iya (Chibi) by bumblebeegirl15
Mackinzi: Welcome and enjoy your stay X3

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Looking forwards to Halo 5: Guardians X3

:heart: #TeamChief FoREVer :heart: 
So, I took and wrote the names DA, RKO and BG on my left hand today. They each stand for a name. 

The DA stands for *Dean Ambrose*
The RKO stands for *Randy Orton*
The BG stands for *Brantley Gilbert*

Yay :love: :heart: I so love having there names on my hand lol..... :happybounce: 
Can't wait for Wrestlemania and Iheartradio awards next Sunday. Hoping those I'm pulling for wins X3 :heart:
"The scariest thing... The most painful thing is to be hated by someone you truly love." - Fruits Basket


Samantha/Honey Hachi/ミツバチ
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I am an 19 year old girl who's name is サマンサ and was home schooled and has now graduated and looking for an art collage :salute:

I am an artist as you can see from my gallery. I love making my own characters and worlds and making stories based upon them. The stories contain all the feels of emotions. I hope to get around to possibly writing it all down so I can share it with the world. I have 3 stories right off hand I can work with. One I have already started. I really want to make this my career.

I as well love to do fan art. It helps me practice. I am more of a cartoony artist but I'm working with realistic now too. At the time I am a self taught artist.

I love music it helps me in many ways. With my emotions and with my art. I am a country girl and proud. I also love to sing, but I'm to shy to do it around people.

I'm an extremely shy person in reality.
I love art because it means more to me than most of anything. It's technically my life.

Halo Player Stamp by Zetaspark117 Stamp by LoboDiabloLoneWolfHalo 2 Addict Stamp by Skatefreak14Stamp: Halo CE Fan by Nawamane
Halo Addict Stamp by dehydromonBelieve by trannywhorestamps
Yes, I am still a huge Halo addict. My obsession for it will most likely never go away.
:heart:Master Chief:heart:

Stamp: RedvsBlue fan by Nawamane
I have also grown to really love REDvsBLUE as well.
:heart:Felix Fan Button by PegaHaze:heart:
I love this guy, even if he is the bad guy lol

I'm a Call Of Duty fan. My favorite character is Ghost X3
I Love Ghost by Coley-sXe -Stamp- Ghost Modern Warfare 2 by ambitiouslove

I'm a Resident Evil fan. My favorite character is Hunk X3
-Stamp- Hunk v6 by ambitiouslove Death Never Dies-Hunk v3 stamp by ambitiouslove

WWE Fan stamp by Miho-Nosaka-stamps
:heart: Randy Orton by GearsOfFlorenceRandy Orton's RKO stamp by Mia3301
.:Dean Ambrose Stamp:. by MistressHarper
I am still a huge fan of WWE and always will be. I never miss it X3

Team NXT by kydragon
NXT is really cool too. It has some awesome wrestlers.

TNA Stamp by lapraskingTNA: MAKE THE CHANGE STAMP by kydragon
Jeff Hardy stamp by HardyBoyz-fc:Jeff Hardy: by Queen-Vegeta69:heart: Jeff Hardy by GearsOfFlorence
Jeff Hardy by XxAnimeEmoAngelXx
TNA is interesting. I still haven't learned it completely though.

I guess I mostly just enjoy Wrestling in general.

Yokai Fan Button by Yatzstar
He's so amazing, the perfect villain, that I do so much like :heart:

I'll be there for you as the world falls down
:heart:F2U stamp: Yokai from Big Hero 6 by Aqua-Spirit22Big Hero 6: Villain by TMNT-Raph-fanBig Hero 6: Villain II by TMNT-Raph-fan:heart:
I will stand by your side until I cannot stand anymore. I will fight for you until I cannot fight anymore. I will live for you until the day I die

CuteBlackPlz by SimplySilentCuteBlackPlz by SimplySilentCuteBlackPlz by SimplySilentCuteBlackPlz by SimplySilentCuteBlackPlz by SimplySilentCuteBlackPlz by SimplySilentCuteBlackPlz by SimplySilentCuteBlackPlz by SimplySilent

I am fascinated by the Asian cultures, my favorite is Japanese though.
Seeing that many have said my style has an Anime feel to it.

Animated Skull Divider by GasaraAnimated Skull Divider by GasaraAnimated Skull Divider by Gasara
:skull:Stand up for what you believe in..... even if it means standing alone.:skull:
Heart-n-Ribbon Divider (Black-Purple) - F2U! by Drache-LehreHeart-n-Ribbon Divider (Black-Purple) - F2U! by Drache-LehreHeart-n-Ribbon Divider (Black-Purple) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

Yokai (Screenshot) by bumblebeegirl15

Darkness by bumblebeegirl15

Kill La Kill Stamp: Senketsu by wow1076 <--- I like Senketsu and Kill La Kill is pretty cool.

Darkness can rise in all of are hearts if we let it. Become emotional and sad, for whatever reasons. That's when you must stand up and fight it back, never let it get the better of you.
~ Honey Hachi

Love. It's a mysterious complicated thing. Especially when it's to do with someone you know you can never have.
~ Honey Hachi

Emotions are better left not shown, to keep from hurting yourself or anyone else with them.
~ Honey Hachi

Love and emotions can cause conflict between you and others. That's why they are left complicated and sometimes broken.
~ Honey Hachi

Spork Fan Button by LTSmiley

Iji stamp by ReverseImaku Iji's an amazing game. Give it a try, and if your already a fan why not join :iconiji-universe:

I'm a shipper of CannonxCannon, OCxCannon and OCxOC.

My Roosterteeth profile

Honey by greninji-girl
made by the wonderful :icongreninji-girl:

The doubters & haters. Thank you. It made me work harder & count my blessings regardless of my circumstances. Proud 2b me ~ WWE_Lana



  • Mood: Sadness
  • Listening to: Trocadero" Contact Redux (feat. Meredith Hagan)
  • Reading: Music Lyrics
  • Watching: WWE and Horror Movies
  • Playing: Sonic Riders
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Dr. Pepper
Alright. Well I watched REDvsBLUE episodes 19 and 20. My thought's on them. 

Well, I enjoyed them both very much. Can't lie most of my favorite characters were actually killed off in this season though. 

Episode 19: It was amazingly well done. I can't believe Felix was killed off so easily though. (He was my most favorite from the series). It was just strange to see him not even put up much of a fight. It wasn't like him at all. I also can't help but wounder if he my possibly be seen in future episodes. Not likely though, seeing as it seems almost impossibly for Someone to survive a fall that far.
Locus turning to new ways was interesting. He always seemed the most corrupted in my opinion. Though this episode made me realize what was truly wrong with him. Felix was his problem and I actually felt sorry for Locus in this episode. (I always slightly had a growing fondness for Locus as well) I do believe he should be seen in future episodes. His turn and his choices to fix his mistakes would be nice to see. 

Episode 20: Wow, simply wow for starters. It was as well, amazingly well done. It was certainly a tear bringer. It was a lot sadder than I was expecting. Church's sacrifice came as a surprise (He was also one of them that I liked allot) I couldn't believe it as I was watching. Why did that have to happen. He's speech defiantly got to me, and I was actually teared up while watching it. 
He was such a great character, and his death was so simple. I hope his sacrifice will come as he wanted in future episodes. 
This episode leaves you with so many questions unanswered. It's one of those types that breaks you done in tears and then aggravates you greater than ever, leaving you wanting more so bad and yet you can't have it. 

Miles Luna is defiantly a great writer, especially for the emotions. He knew what to do to make people laugh, cry and become angry. That really is a great writer. I do hope for a season 14. I hope they will make one and I hope this was not the way it will end permanently. That would be just awful, with so many unanswered questions. Here's to hoping and waiting for some clues to a new season.....!

Let's just say the end left me sad ether way. 

Extra: I also watched Sinister 2 and I loved that movie as much as I did the first one. 
I liked learning more about Bagul, and I liked the twist at the end. It was defiantly worth watching.  
I'm glade I was able to see Bagul more in this one though. I kinda adore Bagul. 

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    DeathBlack RoseSamantha code name Bumblebeegirl outBlack RoseDeath

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Thanks for the watch! <3
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Thanks for the watch! I'm also a huge Halo fan as well, been playing since 2003! I'm 17 as of now, so Halo has been a part of my life. I'm also going for #teamchief as well, even though I like Locke, Chief is the best! And the hype for Halo 5 is real! 
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I've been alright. 

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I've had my ups and downs, but at the moment I'm doing alright.
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Hello dear sister. It's been too long since we last talked. How is it going?
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Hiya sis X3

I agree with you. It really has been for to long. 

It's been going, doing the typical mostly. 

Drawing, I'll probably let you see how your image is coming along once I get just a little more done on it. 
Watching RED vs BLUE episodes, looking at RWBY, looking at Halo, looking at Sinister, and looking at wrestling.  

How about you sis? How's things been going for you?
greninji-girl Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2015
Haha! That is good.
Oh, that is fine by me.

Me? Well, things are good for me. ^^
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I really appreciate it :)
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